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Why Choose NONCON Instruments?

Why Choose NONCON Instruments?

  • April 1,2019.

When we buy is also to do a good job of brand measurement.The purchase of NONCON Instrument can be assured in many ways, and after-sales service is not our concern, the purchase of a large brand of flowmeter advantage is also very obvious.

The company has the complete independent knowledge product to all the R&D products, has obtained 16 utility model patents and 4 product production licenses, explosion-proof licenses, the customer covers the energy conservation, the environmental protection, the municipal engineering, the chemical industry, the nuclear power, the papermaking, the pharmacy, the food beverage and so on industries.After years of development, the company has set up Shanghai branch, chengdu branch, wuhan branch and xi 'an branch, and in south China, central China, southwest China and relevant industries have a certain degree of visibility, and occupy a certain market share.

Flow Meter

In 2005, the company officially entered the industrial automation instrument industry. In 2009, it set up a production base in Hubei and obtained production licenses for vortex flow meters, gas turbine flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, and liquid turbine flowmeters. Hubei production base has high domestic production. The standard quasi-flow laboratory also has a static weighing method liquid flow calibration device and a sonic nozzle gas flow calibration device. At the same time, it shoulders the flow verification work of the local quality supervision agency, and marks the official entry of Nankong into the high-end, intelligent flow meter. Development, production, sales and service areas.

Advantage 1, the product type is complete. Big brands will launch different new products every year, and will process and process according to the market demand. Therefore, we can also directly select the right products for the flowmeters of NONCON Instrument brands. We will not worry about other problems.

Advantage 2, quality is guaranteed. Flowmeters produced by regular brands must be tested in many aspects, produced in strict accordance with national regulations, and can be sold in accordance with the corresponding numerical requirements. Therefore, we directly select the flowmeter of NONCON Instrument, and the quality does not need us to worry about it. Many brands have also become the national inspection-free products, the quality is guaranteed, and the cost performance is higher.

Advantage 3, better after-sales service. After all, we occasionally have problems in the process of using NONCON Instruments, and it is very likely that there will be secondary damage in the disassembly of workers who do not know the flowmeter. The big brand will provide us with very good after-sales service directly, so we can be more assured in the later use process, and you can have a special person to answer your questions.

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