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  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    TUF Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter The TUF series ultrasonic flow meter utilizes the principle of low voltage and multiple pulsation time difference, adopts the high-precision and ultra-stable differential transmission of double-balanced signals and differential receiving digital detection technology to measure the acoustic wave transmission time in both the downstream and counter-current directions, and calculates the flow rate according to the time difference.It has the characteristics of good stability, small zero drift, high measuring accuracy and high anti-interference of measuring range over wide. more

  • Intelligent Type Flow Meter

    LDB Intelligent Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter The LDB intelligent type electromagnetic flow meter consists of a sensor and a converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5μs/cm. It is an inductive meter for measuring the volume flow of conductive medium. In addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquid, it can also be used to measure the volume flow of strong corrosive liquids such as strong acid and alkali and uniform liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquid such as slurry, pulp and paper pulp. more

  • Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

    LKQ Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter LKQ thermal gas mass flow meter is a mass flow measurement and monitoring meter,which can detect  air, natural gas, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen and ammonia, ammonia, coal gas, phosgene, flue gas and various chemical mixtures, without pressure and temperature compensation. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, paper, food, medicine, cement, textile and various production, scientific research units for process control and gas flow measurement. Widely used in: flow measurement of steel plant, coking plant gas. more

  • Gas Flow Meter

    LLGQ Gas Roots /Waist Wheel Flow Meter The gas roots flowmeter has been used as a volumetric meter for more than 100 years.  With the features such as high precision, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable and durable service life, it is widely used in natural gas, coal gas, air and other gas flowmeters.It is an ideal flowmeter device for urban gas, oilfield chemical, scientific research and other departments at home and abroad. more

  • Gas Turbine Meter

    High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter Gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high precision, high reliability gas precision measuring meter integrating temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by the advanced technology of flow meter at home and abroad, optimized by theories of gas mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics, which has excellent low pressure and high pressure metering performance. more

  • Mass Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGK Multi Variable Type Vortex Flow Meter Mass vortex flowmeter, simple to install. Connection mode: flange and clamping connection. It has superior reliability and stability due to no movable part, and the detecting portion has only a simple configuration of the vortex generator. Low pressure loss, no leakage point, and high safety performance. Robust sensor construction for high temperature (up to 3500 ° C), high pressure fluid. more

  • Steam Gas Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGC Steam Gas And Liquid Insert Type Vortex Flow Meter The Insert Type vortex flowmeter is simple in structure and can be made into online installation type.Applicable to large diameter gas, steam flow measurement, etc.Easy installation, no pipe design. more

  • Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGB Flow Instrumentation Vortex Flow Meter The vortex flowmeter is a speed type flow instrument which has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for flow metering, measurement and control of liquids, steam and most gases. more

High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter

Gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high precision, high reliability gas precision measuring meter integrating temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by the advanced technology of flow meter at home and abroad, optimized by theories of gas mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics, which has excellent low pressure and high pressure metering performance.

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Product Details


■High precision, good repeatability and wide range ratio,up to 1:20 (or wider);

■ Use integrated type new rectifier, the requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections are lower (front

≥5DN, rear ≥3DN);

■ Use a carefully designed dust-proof structure to ensure the reliability of long-term bearing operation;

■Designed with a unique fueling system to ensure reliable fueling, easy maintenance and beautiful appearance;

■The technical indicators meet the requirements of IS09951-1993, the length of the body is 3DN, and the whole machine has reached the international advanced level;

■The volume corrector of the flowmeter can be rotated freely by about 350 degrees, which can be easily read in various installation modes.

■Low speed, high life, low pressure loss, high precision;

■ It integrates high-precision temperature, pressure, flow sensor and volume corrector, which can detect the temperature, pressure and flow of the measured gas, and automatically track and compensate the flow and correct the compression coefficient. The meter has real-time database and communicates via RS485 interface and meter reading network to facilitate centralized data collection and real-time management;

■Use high-performance microprocessor and modern digital filtering technology, with powerful software functions and superior performance;

■ Use floating point calculation and automatic correction of five-segment meter coefficient, and has fault self-diagnosis and alarm function;

■Use micro-power high-tech, with internal and external power supply, and low power consumption;

■ Local display flow value with multiple signal output functions;

■Use a high-contrast three-line LCD display, it can display standard cumulative flow, standard volume flow, working volume flow, medium temperature, pressure value and battery capacity percentage with Chinese prompt;

■ With real-time data storage function,  it can prevent data loss when battery is replaced or suddenly power down. In the power-off condition, internal parameters can be permanently saved.

■With explosion-proof function, the explosion-proof mark is ExdIIC6;

Product Classification

According to the meter function classification, the LWGQ series gas turbine flowmeter can be divided into two categories: 1. LWGQ type gas turbine flowmeter, 2. LWGZ type gas turbine flowmeter.

1.LWGQ Type Gas Turbine Flowmeter

LWGQ Type Gas Turbine Flowmeter


The LWGQ type gas turbine flowmeter integrates a turbine flow sensor and a flow totalizer.

It can measure gas temperature and pressure, working condition flow, standard condition flow and total amount,which can be used for gas flow and volume measurement and detection in industrial industries such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy.


■ It integrates the flow sensor and the volume corrector, which can automatically track and correct the temperature, pressure and compression factor of the measured gas, and directly detect or measure the standard working condition volume flow and total amount of the gas.

■Use imported meter precision bearings, high accuracy and good stability.

■ Well-designed flow channel structure avoids the airflow between the bearings and improves the medium adaptability of the turbine flowmeter.

■ Unique anti-push structure and sealing structure design ensure reliable long-term operation of bearings.

■Use a magnetoresistive sensor, it has the advantages of high sensitivity, good reliability and low starting flow.

■ Independent movement design, good interchangeability and easy maintenance.

■ Well-designed rectifiers with excellent rectification performance,  low requirements for straight pipe sections.

■ The network communication system is formed by RS 485 communication interface, which can facilitate automatic management. The RS485 communication protocol complies with the MODBUS specification.

■The correcto can rotate freely at 350 degrees and is easy to install.

2. LWGZ Type Gas Turbine Flowmeter

LWGZ Type Gas Turbine Flowmeter


LWGZ type gas turbine flowmeter integrates gas turbine flow sensor and electronic volume corrector. It can detect and display the working condition flow and total volume. The technical performance is at the domestic advanced level,complies with GB/T18940/IS09951 standard, which is widely used in gas metering and testing in industries such as steam and compressed air.

Product Modeling

                                                                                                                                                             Table 1




Intelligent gas turbine flow meter (standard condition volume type, with temperature, pressure compensation)


Intelligent gas turbine transmitter (working condition volume type)



DN 25mm(non-standard, long order period)


DN 40mm(non-standard, long order period)


DN 50mm


DN 65mm(non-standard, long order period)


DN 80mm


DN 100mm


DN 125mm(non-standard, long order period)


DN 150mm


DN 200mm


DN 250mm(non-standard, long order period)


DN 300mm



Standard range


Expansion range


Expansion range

Accuracy grade


1.0 grade


1.5 grade

Output model


Pulse output, IC card pulse output, alarm output


4-20mA current, pulse output, IC card output, alarm output


4-20mA current, pulse output, IC card output, alarm output, RS485 communication

Explosion-proof grade


Standard type, non explosion-proof


Explosion-proof type, ExdⅡCT6


The dimensions of the flowmeter are shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2. The dimensions not marked in the figure are listed in Table 2. The flowmeter uses flange connection.

Turbine flowmeter outline dimensional drawing

Turbine flowmeter round head outline dimensional drawing

The unmarked dimensions in the figure are listed in                                                                                  Table 2


















































































◇There must be no strong external magnetic field interference and strong mechanical vibration near the flowmeter. Before installation, the ambient condition shall be checked according to its requirements for normal use.

◇The flowmeter shall not be used in applications where the flow rate is frequently changing and there are strong pulsating flow or pressure pulsation.

◇When the flowmeter is installed outdoors, the upper part shall be covered to prevent the rainwater from entering and the sun exposure to affect the service life of the flowmeter;

◇The helium flowmeter is applicable for horizontal installation, and the fluid flow direction is consistent with the direction indicated on the housing; and the length of the straight pipe section of 5DN and 3DN shall be ensured respectively on the upstream and downstream of the flowmeter;

◇ In order not to affect the normal  fluid flow, the bypass pipe can be installed as shown in Fig.3, and the bypass pipe valve must be locked during normal use;

Bypass pipe installation diagram

◇At the upstream of the flowmeter (5DN), it must install the filter of the corresponding specification(the company can match);

◇ When installing the flowmeter and measuring pipe, is shall consider installing telescopic pipe or bellows, and according to the actual dimension of the flowmeter, properly lay the upstream and downstream pipes to minimize the deformation of the flowmeter caused by pipe stress;

◇ The flowmeter shall be installed coaxially with the pipe and prevent the gasket and grease from entering the pipe cavity;

◇The flowmeter must be reliably grounded as specified, but it must not share the ground wire with the high-power system; when the pipe is installed or repaired, the ground wire of the welding system must not be overlapped with the flowmeter;

◇ In the process of use, the user shall not change the connection mode of the explosion-proof system and arbitrarily change the lead interface. If necessary, it shall be operated in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of GB3836.12;

◇When the flowmeter is in operation,it shall open the valve slowly(opening time is not less than 15s), and the flow rate shall be gradually increased to avoid instantaneous airflow impact and damage the turbine.

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IC Card Gas Turbine Flow Meter
LWGK Series IC Card Intelligent Flow Controller

LWGK type CPU card gas turbine flowmeter integrates gas turbine flowmeter sensor, CPU card flow compensation controller (hereinafter referred to as controller) and card control valve, and it completes temperature, pressure, flow detection and volume correction and prepaid control by a single microprocessor. It not only has all the excellent features of the base meter and the corrector, but also completely solves the problem that the measurement and deduction of the combined product are not synchronized. The product also uses the CPU card and the ESAM module, and it is a new generation of flowmeter that can prevent network attacks, anti-copying, and ensure the safe, reliable and confidential use process, which is an ideal industrial prepaid meter.

High Precision Gas Filter
GYQ Series High Precision Gas Filter

The gas filter is an important equipment of the gas transmission and distribution system. In the gas transmission process, in order to ensure the normal operation and protection of the gas transmission and distribution equipment and meters such as pressure regulators, valves, flowmeters, pressure meters, etc., it must remove the solid impurities in the gas. It is necessary to install a filter with the required filtering accuracy in front of it, so our company has developed and produced the GYQ series filter specifically for the above requirements, which is applicable for natural gas,liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other gases.

Precession Vortex Flowmeter
LUXQ Series Intelligent Precession Vortex Flowmeter

LUXQ series intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can be widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply to measure various gas flows, which is the first choice for oil and gas transmission and metering and trade measurement.

Turbine Type Flow Meter
LWGQ Natural Gas Turbine Flow Meter

This kind of turbine flow meter product does not have the field display function itself, but only transmits the flow signal in the form of pulse signal.The meter is low in price, high in integration, compact in size, especially suitable for use with secondary display instrument, PLC, DCS and other computer control systems.This kind of turbine flowmeter are explosion-proof products, explosion-proof level for: Exd Ⅱ BT6, Exid Ⅱ CT6.

Intelligent Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter
LUXQ Intelligent Gas Precession Vortex Flowmeter

LUXQ series intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flowmeter developed by our company with domestic leading level. The flowmeter integrates flow, temperature and pressure detection functions, and can automatically compensate for temperature, pressure and compression factors.

LWGQ Gas Turbine Flowmeter
LWGQ Natural Gas Nitrogen Compressed gas Turbine Flowmeter

LWGQ Gas Turbine Flowmeter has a variety of signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid disturbances, and is widely used in the measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbon gas. This type of turbine flowmeter is an explosion-proof product with an explosion-proof rating: ExdIICT6. 

UF 1000 Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter
UF 1000 Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter

UF 1000 is an economical jet - lag ultrasonic flow meter specially designed for water.Compared with other ultrasonic flow meters on the market, it has the characteristics of high reaction rate, low power consumption and high stability. In addition, it also continues the TGA technology independently researched.

Split Ultrasonic Material Level Meter
YI 3000 Split Ultrasonic Material Level Meter

The adoption of large-scale integrated circuit, component patch rate up to 90%, to ensure the long-term reliability of the product.At the same time, its power consumption is reduced to a very low level. It USES a large screen to display the all-chinese menu, which is easy to use. It supports SD card data collection and serial data download, and can record ten interference echo points.

Turbine Flow Meter
High Precision New Generation Of Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

This series of turbine flowmeters is a new generation of turbine flowmeters, which absorbs the advanced technology of domestic and foreign flowmeters and is manufactured in accordance with jb/9246-199 standard.It is characterized by simple structure, light weight, high precision, good reproducibility, strong responsiveness and convenient installation and maintenance.

Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter
LKM Thermal Gas Mass Flow Controller

■Microelectromechanical chip processing technology ■Large range ratio, high sensitivity, high precision ■Multiple structures, multiple signal outputs

FSP1000 Digital Differential Pressure Sensor
FSP1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Sensor

Precision:±(2.0+0.2FS)% Repetitive:±0.5% Maximum working pressure:0.2MPa

FS7002 Gas Flow Sensors
FS7002 Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

The FS7002 mass flow rate/anti-blockage sensor is made by using the microcomputer electrical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip independently developed by our company, which is suitable for cleaning and drying gases of various general purposes.Unique packaging technology enables it to measure flow in different ranges under the same pipe diameter, mass production to ensure high reliability, high performance and low cost.

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