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  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    TUF Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter The TUF series ultrasonic flow meter utilizes the principle of low voltage and multiple pulsation time difference, adopts the high-precision and ultra-stable differential transmission of double-balanced signals and differential receiving digital detection technology to measure the acoustic wave transmission time in both the downstream and counter-current directions, and calculates the flow rate according to the time difference.It has the characteristics of good stability, small zero drift, high measuring accuracy and high anti-interference of measuring range over wide. more

  • Intelligent Type Flow Meter

    LDB Intelligent Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter The LDB intelligent type electromagnetic flow meter consists of a sensor and a converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5μs/cm. It is an inductive meter for measuring the volume flow of conductive medium. In addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquid, it can also be used to measure the volume flow of strong corrosive liquids such as strong acid and alkali and uniform liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquid such as slurry, pulp and paper pulp. more

  • Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

    LKQ Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter LKQ thermal gas mass flow meter is a mass flow measurement and monitoring meter,which can detect  air, natural gas, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen and ammonia, ammonia, coal gas, phosgene, flue gas and various chemical mixtures, without pressure and temperature compensation. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, paper, food, medicine, cement, textile and various production, scientific research units for process control and gas flow measurement. Widely used in: flow measurement of steel plant, coking plant gas. more

  • Gas Flow Meter

    LLGQ Gas Roots /Waist Wheel Flow Meter The gas roots flowmeter has been used as a volumetric meter for more than 100 years.  With the features such as high precision, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable and durable service life, it is widely used in natural gas, coal gas, air and other gas flowmeters.It is an ideal flowmeter device for urban gas, oilfield chemical, scientific research and other departments at home and abroad. more

  • Gas Turbine Meter

    High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter Gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high precision, high reliability gas precision measuring meter integrating temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by the advanced technology of flow meter at home and abroad, optimized by theories of gas mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics, which has excellent low pressure and high pressure metering performance. more

  • Mass Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGK Multi Variable Type Vortex Flow Meter Mass vortex flowmeter, simple to install. Connection mode: flange and clamping connection. It has superior reliability and stability due to no movable part, and the detecting portion has only a simple configuration of the vortex generator. Low pressure loss, no leakage point, and high safety performance. Robust sensor construction for high temperature (up to 3500 ° C), high pressure fluid. more

  • Steam Gas Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGC Steam Gas And Liquid Insert Type Vortex Flow Meter The Insert Type vortex flowmeter is simple in structure and can be made into online installation type.Applicable to large diameter gas, steam flow measurement, etc.Easy installation, no pipe design. more

  • Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGB Flow Instrumentation Vortex Flow Meter The vortex flowmeter is a speed type flow instrument which has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for flow metering, measurement and control of liquids, steam and most gases. more

  • Industrial Internet of Things
    Industrial Internet of Things
    • November 12,2021.

    Industrial Internet of Things is the continuous integration of various acquisition and control sensors or controllers with perception and monitoring capabilities, as well as mobile communications, intelligent analysis and other technologies into all ...

  • NONCON get Guangzhou high-tech enterprise certification
    NONCON get Guangzhou high-tech enterprise certification
    • October 23,2021.

    Recently, our company faced Guangzhou high-tech enterprise certification, new patent certificate and intellectual property management system certification, standardized good behavior AAA evaluation audit.Accompanied by the company's leadership, the e...

  • Based on quality, promote product technology upgrade - FameT electromagnetic flowmeter
    Based on quality, promote product technology upgrade - FameT electromagnetic flowmeter
    • April 2,2021.

    In modern society, some industries pursue economic interests at the expense of the environment to achieve economic development, which is actually a way of development of drinking poison to quench thirst and killing the goose that lays the golden egg....

  • Integrated ultrasonic level gauge features
    Integrated ultrasonic level gauge features
    • March 1,2021.

    The principle of ultrasonic level meter is to measure the time required from the launch of ultrasonic pulse to the return of the whole process.Ultrasonic level gauge is vertically installed on the surface of the liquid, it gives the liquid level ultr...

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter product introduction and technical indicators
    Electromagnetic flowmeter product introduction and technical indicators
    • February 22,2021.

    1.1 Type and scope of application of electromagnetic flowmeter Electromagnetic flow meter is composed of electromagnetic flow sensor and electromagnetic flow converter, mainly divided into two categories: body type and separation type. Electromagneti...

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter lining material selection
    Electromagnetic flowmeter lining material selection
    • January 29,2021.

    Electromagnetic flowmeter has a wide range of applications in various industries, such as petroleum, chemical, etc., for the choice of electromagnetic flowmeter (Xuanze), in fact, the most important thing is the choice of its lining, lining how to ch...

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