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Working principle of thermal gas mass flowmeter

Working principle of thermal gas mass flowmeter

  • March 30,2020.

Easy installation, simple maintenance, two-way detection, anti - vibration

Flow measurement up to 24 points

Correction of output analog quantity by multi-point nonlinear curve correction

Wide range ratio 100:1

Check the flow and temperature at the same time, switch the display

Large diameter small flow measurement, leakage detection can be done

The sensor is packaged with a proprietary "double balanced structure"

Proprietary high humidity, high temperature algorithm, medium temperature up to 500℃

Direct mass flow detection without temperature and pressure compensation

Thermal gas mass flowmeter is designed on the basis of the principle of thermal diffusion flow meter. The use of fluid flow through hot objects, and how much heat dissipating hot objects and fluid flow in certain proportion relationship. This series of the flow sensor has two standard RTD, a heat source, only used to do a only used to measure fluid temperature, when the fluid flow, the size of the difference in temperature between the flow and a linear relationship, and then through microelectronic control technology, converts the relationship to measure flow signal linear output.

The split vortex flowmeter is characterized by small pressure loss, large range and high accuracy. It is almost unaffected by parameters such as fluid density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring the volume flow in working conditions.It is mainly used in industrial pipeline medium fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media.Below I manufacturer technology small make up for the majority of users to introduce the characteristics of split vortex flow meter what?

1. The flow of gases, liquids and vapors can be accurately measured over a wide range of flows without being affected by the physical properties of the fluid.

2. Split vortex flowmeter is not affected by temperature and pressure, and not easy to block, not easy to jam, not easy to scale, high temperature, high pressure, safe and explosion-proof, suitable for bad environment.

3, no moving parts, no holes and gaps design, no wear, dirt resistance, no mechanical maintenance, long service life.

4. The split vortex flowmeter adopts micro-power consumption technology, and the field display flowmeter powered by battery can operate without power outage for more than two years.

5. The surface is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for the measurement of corrosive media.

6. Integrated design of temperature and pressure compensation, electric isolation type of current output, with good common mode interference suppression capacity.

7. The instantaneous flow value and the cumulative flow value are displayed at the same time.

8. Adopt anti-vibration probe to effectively eliminate the influence of external vibration.

9, the circuit adopts surface mount technology, compact structure, high reliability.Split type signal converter, cable standard with 10 meters.

10. The split vortex flowmeter has reasonable overall structure design, wide dynamic measurement range and small pressure loss.

NONCON thermal gas mass flow meter

NONCON thermal gas mass flow meter

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