LLGQ Gas Roots Flowmeter

  • September 27,2019.

The gas roots flowmeter has been used as a volumetric meter for more than 100 years. With the features such as high precision, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable and durable service life, it is widely used in natural gas, coal gas, air and other gas flowmeters.It is an ideal flowmeter device for urban gas, oilfield chemical, scientific research and other departments at home and abroad.

■ It integrates high-precision temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent volume corrector to detect the temperature, pressure and flow of the measured gas and perform automatic flow track and compensation and compression factor correction.

■Use advanced microcomputer technology and high-performance integrated chip, it has powerful functions and superior performance.

 ■The circuit uses the surface mount technology, with compact structure, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

■Use advanced micro-power high-tech, the whole machine has low power consumption, that is, it can run with built-in battery for long time, and can be operated by external power supply.

■ According to the flow frequency signal, the meter factor can be automatically corrected linearly in five segments, to improve the accuracy of the meter.

■ With fault self-diagnosis and alarm function, high reliability, LCD display, clear and intuitive, easy to read.

■The flowmeter has a pulse signal output, and can also output 4~20mA standard analog signal according to user needs.

■ The meter has its own real-time database, and it forms a meter reading network through R5-485 communication interface to facilitate centralized data collection and real-time management.

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