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XSR22 Series Compensation Flow Integral Recorder

XSR22 Series compensation flow integral Recorder can measure, transform, compensate, calculate, display, record, dump, communication and control the flow with all kinds of sensors and transmitters.

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Product Details

Instrument characteristics

●Using 128x64 resolution graphics lattice LCD, all Chinese interface, easy to operate;

●The display content is rich and comprehensive, including instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, temperature, pressure, engineering unit, compensation information, alarm information, real time curve, real time curve, historical curve, recording status, annual/monthly accumulation, power outage information, etc;

●With open square, small signal excision, 8 - segment broken line and other operational functions;

●A variety of engineering units are available for selection, and the meter automatically calculates the total according to the selected unit;

●It has the function of calculating flow compensation according to the change of temperature and pressure of the fluid: there are three inputs of flow, pressure and temperature at the same time, and the flow is automatically compensated inside the meter, which can eliminate the adverse effects of temperature and pressure changes on the measurement results.Among them,the superheated/saturated steam adopts iapws-97 formula with high calculation accuracy;

●2-point alarm output, used for flow, temperature, pressure,upper and lower limit alarm or cumulant preset output, can remember the last 6 alarm time, alarm mode;

●Fully transparent, high-speed and efficient network communication interface realizes complete data transmission and control between computer and instrument. The unique control power transfer function enables computer to directly control alarm output and transmission output of instrument;

●4M memory is used for the measurement record, which can record 260,000 times of data.Data can be traced through historical curves and read through communications;

●It has USB interface and can transfer recorded history data to U disk at any time;

●Good software platform, with the ability of secondary development, can meet the special functional requirements;

●The product has obtained the authoritative organization electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) inspection certificate.

Model specification

                                                                                                                                Table 1


Code and instructions


Installation dimensions



Panel form


Horizontal type

Flow input signal


Current4~20mA DC(0~10) mA DC or (0~20 )mA DC



Temperature input signal


Hot resistance  Pt100

Pressure input signal


Dc current4-20mA0-10mA0-20mA

Number of alarm points


T0~T2:No alarm points to 2 alarm points

External power supply


External supply 24VDC, error less than ±5%, 50mAFlow channel power supply


External supply 24VDC, error less than ±5%, 50mAPressure channel power supply

Communication interface


No communication interface


RS-232 interface


RS-485 interface

Instrument power supply


220V AC



USB dump interface


Can be omitted

Non-standard function


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