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  • Gas Roots (waist wheel) flow meter

    Smart gas Roots (waist wheel) flow meter Intelligent gas waist wheel (Roots) flowmeter is a new generation flowmeter that integrates flow, temperature, and pressure detection functions, and can automatically compensate for temperature and pressure. Gas is a compressible fluid, and its volume value is closely related to temperature and pressure. In order to unify standards for both parties, it is necessary to convert the actual volume into a standard volume under reference conditions (101.325 kPa 20°C). In order to achieve this purpose, the smart gas waist wheel flowmeter can accurately correct the volume of gas; it is an ideal instrument for gas measurement in urban gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. more

  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    TUF Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter The TUF series ultrasonic flow meter utilizes the principle of low voltage and multiple pulsation time difference, adopts the high-precision and ultra-stable differential transmission of double-balanced signals and differential receiving digital detection technology to measure the acoustic wave transmission time in both the downstream and counter-current directions, and calculates the flow rate according to the time difference.It has the characteristics of good stability, small zero drift, high measuring accuracy and high anti-interference of measuring range over wide. more

  • Intelligent Type Flow Meter

    LDB Intelligent Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter The LDB intelligent type electromagnetic flow meter consists of a sensor and a converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5μs/cm. It is an inductive meter for measuring the volume flow of conductive medium. In addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquid, it can also be used to measure the volume flow of strong corrosive liquids such as strong acid and alkali and uniform liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquid such as slurry, pulp and paper pulp. more

  • Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

    LKQ Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter LKQ thermal gas mass flow meter is a mass flow measurement and monitoring meter,which can detect  air, natural gas, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen and ammonia, ammonia, coal gas, phosgene, flue gas and various chemical mixtures, without pressure and temperature compensation. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, paper, food, medicine, cement, textile and various production, scientific research units for process control and gas flow measurement. Widely used in: flow measurement of steel plant, coking plant gas. more

  • Gas Flow Meter

    LLGQ Gas Roots /Waist Wheel Flow Meter The gas roots flowmeter has been used as a volumetric meter for more than 100 years.  With the features such as high precision, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable and durable service life, it is widely used in natural gas, coal gas, air and other gas flowmeters.It is an ideal flowmeter device for urban gas, oilfield chemical, scientific research and other departments at home and abroad. more

  • Gas Turbine Meter

    High Precision Gas Turbine Flow Meter Gas turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high precision, high reliability gas precision measuring meter integrating temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by the advanced technology of flow meter at home and abroad, optimized by theories of gas mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics, which has excellent low pressure and high pressure metering performance. more

  • Mass Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGK Multi Variable Type Vortex Flow Meter Mass vortex flowmeter, simple to install. Connection mode: flange and clamping connection. It has superior reliability and stability due to no movable part, and the detecting portion has only a simple configuration of the vortex generator. Low pressure loss, no leakage point, and high safety performance. Robust sensor construction for high temperature (up to 3500 ° C), high pressure fluid. more

  • Steam Gas Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGC Steam Gas And Liquid Insert Type Vortex Flow Meter The Insert Type vortex flowmeter is simple in structure and can be made into online installation type.Applicable to large diameter gas, steam flow measurement, etc.Easy installation, no pipe design. more

  • Vortex Flow Meter

    LUGB Flow Instrumentation Vortex Flow Meter The vortex flowmeter is a speed type flow instrument which has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for flow metering, measurement and control of liquids, steam and most gases. more

LZ Metal Tube Float Flow Meter

LZ series of metal tube float flowmeter is based on the float position measuring a variable area flow meter, adopts full metal structure, the concept of Modular design, because of its small size small pressure loss, large range than (10:1), installation, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, therefore widely used in various industries are complex, bad environment, low for small flow velocity, the conditions of all kinds of harsh medium flow measurement and process control.

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Product Details

Product features

Modular combination design, easy maintenance, normal use without maintenance

Uniaxial non-contact new magnetic coupling structure, more stable signal transmission

Double lines, large screen LCD display instantaneous, cumulative flow, with backlight

Intelligent with power down protection, data backup and recovery functions

All metal structure, anti - seismic, pressure - resistant, temperature - resistant, anti - corrosion

Short stroke, total height 250mm, more convenient design and installation

Technical parameters

Measuring range

Water (2.5-10000L/h)

Air (0.07-3000m3/h

Range ratio

10:1 (special type 20:1)

Precision grade

1.5 (special type 1.0)

Work pressure

DN15~DN50  PN4.0MPaspecial type 25MPa

DN80~DN100  PN1.6MPaspecial type 16MPa

Jacket pressure class: 1.6MPa

Medium temperature

Standard -8~+220

High temperature type 300

Lining PTFE type 85

Environment temperature

-40~+120(electric remote transmission type 6)

Medium viscosity

DN15 5mPa.s(H15.1~H15.3)





Instantaneous flow display value range 0~50000

Cumulative flow display value range: 0~99999999


Standard two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA

Minimum pulse interval is 50ms

Alarm signal: open collector, MAX100mA@30VDC

Power supply

Standard 4VDC(10.8VDC ~ 36VDC)

AC 220VAC(85 ~ 265VAC)

Battery: 3.6@4AH NiMH battery

Connection method

Standard DIN2501 flange

Special type: flange standard provided by customer

Threaded connection type: DIN1851 or user specified

Electrical interface


Overall height

Standard type: 250mm (except for other installation methods)

Protection level


Explosion-proof mark

Intrinsic Safety  ExiaIICT 3 6



Installation instructions

(1) During the installation of the flowmeter, the perpendicularity of the measuring pipe should be guaranteed to be greater than 5%, and a bypass should be installed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning without affecting production.

(2) The position where the flowmeter is installed shall ensure that there is a straight pipe section with an inlet value of 5DN and an outlet value of 250mm;If the medium contains ferromagnetic material, the magnetic filter should be installed before the flow meter.(see the figure of magnetic filter and straight pipe).

(3) The control valve in the measurement and control system should be installed downstream of the flow meter.For gas measurement, the working pressure shall not be less than 5 times of the pressure loss, so as to make the flow meter work stably.

(4) Before installing the flow meter, the welding slag in the pipeline should be blown clean;Remove stop elements from the flow meter during installation;After installation, the control valve should be opened slowly to avoid impact damage to the flow meter.

(5) For the LZ1 0 standard type, LZ15 horizontal installation of metal tube float meter can choose the built-in magnetic filter.The total height of the LZ10 standard with built-in magnetic filter is 350mm.

(6)Flow meter installation diagram

Flow meter installation diagram
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LZ Liquid Crystal Display Metal Tube Rotameter

LZ metal tube rotameter is used to measure the volume flow of liquid and gas in closed pipe continuously.It can be widely used for measuring liquid and gas flow in national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, medicine and light industry.

LF2000 Liquid Flow Sensors
LF2000 Serise Liquid Flow Sensors

LF2000 series liquid flow sensor is designed by Guangzhou Nan Kong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. in combination with MEMS flow sensor technology and sensor packaging technology, It is designed with the principles of thermal flight time (TOF) and thermal sensing.

XSR22 Integral Recorder
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LWGQ Gas Turbine Flowmeter
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LWGQ Gas Turbine Flowmeter has a variety of signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid disturbances, and is widely used in the measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbon gas. This type of turbine flowmeter is an explosion-proof product with an explosion-proof rating: ExdIICT6.

IC Card Gas Turbine Flow Meter
LWGK Series IC Card Intelligent Flow Controller

LWGK type CPU card gas turbine flowmeter integrates gas turbine flowmeter sensor, CPU card flow compensation controller (hereinafter referred to as controller) and card control valve, and it completes temperature, pressure, flow detection and volume correction and prepaid control by a single microprocessor. It not only has all the excellent features of the base meter and the corrector, but also completely solves the problem that the measurement and deduction of the combined product are not synchronized. The product also uses the CPU card and the ESAM module, and it is a new generation of flowmeter that can prevent network attacks, anti-copying, and ensure the safe, reliable and confidential use process, which is an ideal industrial prepaid meter.

Micro Flow Meter
LWGM Micro Type Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

The LWGM series micro type liquid turbine flowmeter is a special flowmeter designed to measure small flows using the principle of turbines.It is extremely accurate, especially under high temperature and high pressure conditions. It is also integrated with a electronic pulse generator to maintain ±1% accuracy and ±0., 25% repeatability under long-term continuous operation. Due to the dexterous structural design, no precipitation is formed during operation, so the operation of the meter is “clean”.

HMF2000 Handheld Flow Meters
HMF2000 Series Handheld Flow Meters

HMF200 series handheld gas mass flowmeter is designed specifically for instrumentation and on-line detection of gases in a wide range of precision measuring and testing, product adopts patent technology, MEMS chip flow measurement with large measurement range and low velocity measurement capability, which can be used for particularly similar to the gas chromatograph, atmospheric sampling instrument and online applications, to ensure the normal operation of the regular inspection and system.

Ultrasonic Level Meter
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Ⅰ. .Overview The split-type ultrasonic material (liquid) level meter is a kind of convenient and applicable split-type ultrasonic material level meter developed by our company after years of production experience and drawing on the advantages of many similar products. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, reliable work and generous appearance.

UF 2800 Ultrasonic Water Meter
UF 2800 Digital Ultrasonic Water Meter

■No moving parts, never wear ■It has self-diagnostic function ■Both hot and cold, the data can be stored for 18 months

Gas Mass Flow Sensor
FS1015CL Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

FS1015CL series gas mass flow sensor is specially designed for the measurement and process control of various kinds of medical gases. The product is made of the microcomputer system (MEMS) flow sensor chip developed by our company, which is suitable for all kinds of clean gases.Low cost, easy to install, no need of temperature pressure compensation, can replace the volume type or pressure difference type of traditional flow meter.The measurement range is up to 150SLPM, and the ISO 15mm connection mode is applicable to various medical equipment such as ventilator and anesthesia machine.

MF2000 Mass Flow Meters
MF2000 Serise Mass Flow Meters

MF2000 series gas mass flowmeter is designed for all kinds of industrial gases for a variety of low cost management and control and design, the series of instrument can provide direct mass flow information, friendly user interface design (RS485/4 ~ 20 mA) can be easily for data processing.

Sanitary Type Liquid Turbine Flow
LWGS Sanitary Type Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

LWGS series sanitary type turbine flowmeter is a flowmeter meter that can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries for applications of metering, batching, control, finished product filling.

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